Super Mario Jenga

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Climb the tower, battle Bowser, and collect coins – but don’t knock it over!

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A family-friendly Super Mario-themed version of Hasbro’s popular block-stacking dexterity game Jenga (with a few extra twists!)

Players choose to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad, taking a character peg with that character on and slotting it into blocks near the base of the tower. Each turn, a player uses the spinner to determine how many layers up the tower their character peg can climb, and how many blocks they have to remove from the tower and stack on top of it. Blocks are marked with symbols that may cause players to gain, lose or steal coins. Coins can also be gained from climbing the tower or defeating Bowser, who begins at the top of the tower and has to be defeated in order to climb past him.

The game ends when someone collapses the tower, at which point the unlucky player who has knocked the tower over loses 10 coins and a winner is declared!

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# Players

2 – 4 Players

Playing TIme

15 – 20 Mins

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