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A captivating tile-laying game where players craft their own picturesque landscapes, inspired by the serene beauty of rural Ireland.

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In the tile-laying family game Tipperary, players are challenged to create their perfect vision of an Irish county by placing polyominoes and thus collecting sheep, castles and whiskey. The linchpin is a ‘magical stone circle”, that decides which of the tiles you can choose from. After twelve rounds, one player will be named chief of Tipperary.

Tipperary transports you to the serene countryside of rural Ireland, where players have the opportunity to craft their own idyllic county landscapes. Inspired by the rural charm of Ireland’s largest inland county, Tipperary has players building rolling hills, lush pastures, ancient ruins and standing stones, all beautifully illustrated by Anna Block and Klemens Franz.

At the heart of Tipperary lies a unique spinner wheel atop a magical stone circle. Each turn brings the excitement of a new group of tiles to choose from, challenging players to make thoughtful decisions to optimize their scoring. With seven distinct landscape features to explore, including pastures, distilleries, ruins, bogs, and stone circles, Tipperary offers an interesting mix of different ways to score points. Whether you’re herding sheep to expand your pastures, strategically placing distilleries to elevate your whiskey production, or strategically arranging ruins to maximize your scoring potential, every decision matters.

Perfect for families and seasoned gamers alike, Tipperary offers a delightful blend of strategic depth and aesthetic charm that will keep you coming back for more. It also shines as a two-player game, where it can be played in under 25 minutes if you’re fairly quick about it.

What’s Included:

  • Round Tracker River Board
  • Spinner Wheel
  • 60 Landscape Tiles
  • 12 Bonus Tiles
  • 12 Towers
  • 5 Hometowns
  • Largest Flock Marker
  • 24 Wooden Sheep
  • 6 Wooden Barrels
  • Cloth Bag
  • Scoring Pad

Additional information

# Players

2 – 5 Players

Playing TIme

20 – 40 Mins

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