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Titan Race

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Mario Karts on the Kitchen Table! As quick and as chaotic with a magic touch.

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In Titan Race, you take on the roll of one of several Titans have their own special powers and are racing around weird maps. Titan Race is a pretty simple game that has a few things that make it unique. The first is that as well as it being a race game, where the winning goal is to loop the board three times, it is also a combat game where you are trying to knock other players out for a round so that you can get further ahead. You have certain spots you can land to get ability cards that you can then use that might heal your damage, or damage your opponent. Plus, if you run into an opponent, you do push them and that deals them a damage as well. Each rider has their own ability which will make a difference in how well they can attack or move.


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# Players

2 – 6 Players

Playing TIme

30 Mins

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