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Fugitive (2nd Edition)


A quick card chase; will the fugitive escape or will the detective crack the case?

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Fugitive is a tense, easy-to-learn, two-player deduction card game. One player is a fugitive trying to make it out of town while being pursued by an unstoppable agent. The fugitive plays cards face down to the table trying to work their way to a goal, while the agent must guess those cards to uncover them. If all the cards are face up, the fugitive is caught.

CORE RULE change from 1st Edition: When the Fugitive doesn’t play a hideout, he may draw an extra card from the lowest numbered pile that still has cards.

Fugitive 2nd Edition also adds a brand new SHIFT system to replace the old event system and help balance the game with players of different skill levels.

Additional information

# Players

2 Players

Playing TIme

5 – 20 Mins

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