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Nine Tiles Panic

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Relax. Try to build a legal city of 9 2-sided tiles. If someone is faster …panic!

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Nine Tiles Panic is a follow-on from ?Nine Tiles?. Nine Tiles Panic is a quick puzzle game with extra decision making and tactics thrown in.
At the start of each round round, three scoring cards are revealed. Each player then races to assemble their town in whatever pattern seems best. The aim is to try and score the most points for one, two, or three of the scoring cards.
The first player who decides that they’re done flips the sand timer, giving everyone else just 90 seconds to complete their town! Players then determine who scores for which cards, with ties being broken in favour of whoever finished first. Players score points based on the number of players in the game, and players track their score on a chart over multiple rounds.

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# Players

2 – 5 Players

Playing TIme

20 Mins

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