Scouting Withington

Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting a potential spot for our board games café in Withington, Manchester. Now don’t get too excited, because A) We’re not fully financed yet and B) I suspect that a light breeze could level the place overnight. We will see…

As it happens, I’m just putting the finishing touches on our official business plan which will (hopefully) secure our startup loan. Once we’ve got that sorted, we can crack on with the lease and Kickstarter.

Now let me tell you, we’ve …got some ridiculous ideas for the campaign that we know will enthuse, entertain and win-over the backers that we need. I really can’t wait to share them with you. For now, let’s just say that immortality awaits a single backer!

All the details will go up when we’re ready to take our tabletop adventure over the funding finish-line. The money from the Kickstarter will help us create a space to play games that’s comfortable, cosy and more than fit-for-purpose.

Not to mention ensuring that we’ve got the best-damn library of board games for miles around! Still, it’s nice to keep things moving along and I’m happy to report that we’re well on-track to open next March.

If you want a notification email when the Kickstarter does go live, you can sign up here.

Before I go, here’s something I made whilst on hold with the bank: our beautiful business plan in artsy-format. 30 minutes well-spent, I reckon.

– Tom

30 minutes’ well-spent!
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