WTF is… a board game cafe?

We love board game cafés, we think they’re awesome. They’re perfect for an evening’s entertainment with friends, colleagues or complete strangers. But… what is a “board game cafe”?

For the uninitiated, as they’re still relatively uncommon in the UK. It’s simply a spot to play tabletop or board games with friends and family. The advantage being, that there’s a big selection of games for your to play and (usually) lots of lovely food and drink available.

Right now, South Manchester doesn’t really have a dedicated board games café/bar- and we’re on a mission to change that! Ours will be a space for everyone to enjoy; whether you’re a complete beginner, casual player or a seasoned strategist.

We’ll ensure that the experience is always affordable, accessible and that the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. We’re also committed to establishing ourselves as an ethical business, one that treats staff, suppliers, customers, and the environment with respect. So, alongside the massive collection of board games, we’ll be serving simple and tasty vegan/vegetarian snacks and light-bites together with carefully selected fairtrade coffees.

Our mission is give people access to a massive games library for around the same price as a craft beer, without the need for that the big investment. In keeping with this, we’ll also be offering a membership discount package for our repeat customers (and our early-backers!)

Assuming we hit our fundraising goals, our selection of games will really showcase the variety that modern board games have to offer, right from day one!

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– Tom

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