Battleship (Retro 1967 Edition)

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Detect the enemy fleet and sink it.

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Battleship was originally a pencil-and-paper public domain game known by different names, but Milton Bradley made it into the well known board game in 1967. The pencil and paper grids were changed to plastic grids with holes that could hold plastic pegs used to record the guesses.

Since 1967, the Battleship game has been thrilling would-be naval commanders! This retro edition is inspired by the original favorite game where 2 players try to sink each other’s hidden ships. Its full speed ahead to hunt, hit, sink, and win! The first player to sink all 5 ships in the enemy fleet wins! The average playing time is 20 minutes per game.

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# Players

2 Players

Playing TIme

15 – 20 Mins

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