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A fast-paced card game that combines elements of speed, memory, luck, and sabotage.

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From the company that brought us Ravine comes Archduke. In Archduke, players have a set of cards (starting with four) placed face-down in front of them: some that they know, and some that they don’t. Each card has a point value, ranging from -3 to 13, shown in the corners of the card. The goal is to have the lowest sum of points at the end of each round, accomplished by swapping, stealing, and getting rid of cards. Points are scored after each round, with the game continuing to an agreed mark when the player with the lowest score wins.

Before the game begins, players have ONE opportunity to look at any TWO of their own cards, returning them to the same face-down position. Players should remember their value and location.

Over a series of rounds, players will draw 1 card and chose to keep the drawn card, exchanging it for one of their own face down cards or immediately discard it, possibly triggering a special ability allowing them to peek at, swap or give additional facedown cards to other players. When any player feels as though they have the lowest hand of cards in front of them, they call Archduke which triggers the final scoring of each round. The lowest score wins.

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# Players

2 – 6 Players

Playing TIme

15 – 25 Mins

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