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New in stock this week from Asmodee (January 24th)

  • Wavelength: A game of mind-reading and team commentary that will reveal the extent to which your thinking is just utterly broken. It’s like a circuit tester for your brain – you can use it to identify where some of your neural wiring has become faulty over the years. In Wavelength you’re asked to pick a point between two extremes, and then have your team-mates guess where your opinions lie. It sounds simple. It occasionally is. Often though it’s a kind of psychotherapy of expectation, where you find out that your opinions can best be described as ‘somewhat perplexing’.
  • Catan (2015 Refresh): The ultimate “gateway game”, got a friend you want to rope into your future board gaming sessions? Start them with this. If you’ve somehow avoided this one, it’s still worth absolutely picking up for it’s broad appeal to both experienced gamers and newcomers to the hobby.
  • Sagrada: A beautiful, ever-evolving puzzle that gets harder and harder – where luck and skill coalesce into a wonderfully-designed “thinky-game”. It’s a particularly good game for two, but can be played with up to four players without any expansions – or even alone, if you like!
  • Hanamikoji: A game where two players compete for the favour of Geishas; graceful women who have mastered art, music or dance after years of training (and are greatly respected and adored.) This gorgeous-looking game is tense, “thinky” and accomplishes a lot with very few components. It’s an abstract game that will reveal its intricacies slowly, round after round!

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