Christmas Update

Hey all,

Just a brief update as we’re all super busy at the moment!!

We’ve stocked up for Christmas and have added a whole bunch of lovely new games to our store including games from Oink (including Scout), Root, Istanbul, Tokaido and Quest.

We’re preparing for Christmas with some fantastic new additions to the menu as well as a very exciting Blood on the Clocktower event on the 6th December.

Of course, our front window is about to receive a christmassy refresh too!

Our current plan for Christmas is to be open right up to Christmas eve.

After that we’ll be closing until the new year (exact date TBC) as we’ve got some renovation plans to press on with (need new shelving very badly, please help us, Santa!)

We hope we’ll continue seeing everyone at our regular events on Monday and bi-weekly Thursdays and our End of the Month Quiz

Lots of love from the Goodtime Games Team

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