The “Real Living Wage” Update

As pledged in our Kickstarter, we’re now an accredited “real living wage” employer!

Board games are always great fun- but so many of our guests positive experiences are carefully-curated by our wonderful staff. Their tireless enthusiasm and hard-work has helped establish us as an awesome place to visit, despite us still being in our infancy!

Our collective goal for this year is to go above and beyond our Kickstarter goals and establish ourselves as a shining beacon of fun and positivity on Burton Road. Despite the challenges surrounding the pandemic (and particularly local lockdown rules) we’ve managed to gather some real momentum, and can now proudly boast that we have over 200 members.

A huge part of our success can (and should!) be attributed to our amazing casual workers who’ve kept Melissa and I sane throughout it all. To that end, we’re investing in our staff’s well-being by bringing our them onto the “real living wage” rate. In time, we hope to bring them on-board as “permanent” employees (however, that’s for another update.)

Massive thanks to all of our members, backers and supporters who’ve made all of this possible.

– Tom

We’re accredited!
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