The Alfresco Update

The café has tables outside for “alfresco gaming”

Howdy folks! It’s been a while since the last update… rest assured I’m still here, alive and well and doing my best to improve all aspects of the café and its day-to-day running! Recent projects have included developing relationships with new distributors, namely Amaroni who are well known for children’s games (HABA, anyone?) and specialise in some pretty niché Kickstarter games, TradeQuest.

We’ve made a few minor fixes around the café and we’ve worked hard to build a brand new store-room downstairs. Of course, whilst this has all been happening, we’ve also expanded our games shop to what I’d describe as a pretty good selection! We can usually order in games if you’re after something that’s not on there- just ask!

So what else is new?

With COVID-related things once again moving in the right direction; we’re opening up a little more, and have set up two tables at the front of the café for some alfresco board gaming and dining.

The library has been trimmed to select titles that should withstand the Manchester weather (we get quite a bit of wind on Burton Road!) We’ve added more games to our library since we last opened, so you’ll find Quirkle, Tea for Two, Funghi, Mandala, Royal Visit, Patchwork Express, several games for children and many more for you to enjoy under our colourful awning.

Booking, pricing & time

Because we have a smaller library, and just two tables for two- some prices have been reduced and we’re not taking any bookings. With a membership, you’re able to come and play games for free with a meal from our delicious menu; non-members are also welcome to enjoy some ‘alfresco gaming’ for £3.00 pp. There is a maximum stay of two hours at a table.

Menu Changes

We’ve made several changes to our menu to spice things up for when we open up again, food-wise, these experiments include a yummy halloumi and red-cabbage wrap and a piri-piri chk’n salad wrap (vegan) (if they sell well, then we’ll keep them permanently!)

Our lovely vegan bubble waffles are returning next week (with some good weather – maybe?) New additions to our drinks menu include a Mango Lassi, several new smoothies and iced coffee (for when we are blessed by the sunshine!)


We really can’t wait to be opening up normally again, and will be opening up our booking system as and when we’re confident that the plans to reopen in May are really going to happen. When it does eventually happen, you can be sure that there’ll be plenty of celebrating and we’ll be sure to put on a series of events as soon as we can.

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