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2 Players take control of a tiny battleground for their ants!

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Introducing Marabunta, a captivating roll-and-write game that delivers intense gameplay through ingenious mechanics. With its erasable puzzle board, strategic territory management, and dynamic player interaction, Marabunta offers a stimulating experience with a manageable learning curve and elements of bluffing.

Designed specifically for two players, Marabunta joins the esteemed lineup of Space Cowboys’ acclaimed 2-player games, following in the footsteps of hits like Splendor Duel and Jaipur.

In Marabunta, players take on the role of queen ants, tasked with devising the optimal strategy for their colonies. Through the “I Divide, You Choose” mechanism, players must navigate tough decisions, balancing expansion with sacrifices to rival colonies. Every move counts in this fast-paced game driven by dice rolls.

Compact and portable, Marabunta is perfect for gaming on the go. Its small form factor includes an erasable puzzle board, ensuring unlimited replayability wherever you roam.

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