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Gloom (2nd Edition)

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Use transparent cards to tell tragic tales of misery and misfortune.

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Prepare yourself as you enter the dark and miserable world of Gloom, created by renowned RPG designer Keith Baker! You, the player, take control of one of four, miserable families, all as eccentric as the each other and full of misfits and misanthropes. During a game of Gloom, you have one simple goal: To ensure your family has the most miserable and sad time possible before meeting their untimely, yet rather comforting demise.

It is said that the quality of afterlife is made better by the gloomier of existences beforehand, hence the need to put your family through the worst days of their lives. Use cards such as ‘Mocked by Midgets’ to lower your families’ self-worth and make them feel unwelcome and unloved and just utterly miserable, while at the same time trying to boost your opponent’s families, making them feel joyful and happy with such events as weddings which rapidly increase a players self-worth!

The player with the lowest family self-worth at the end of the game will be declared the winner! Printed on rather unique transparent cards, Gloom allows players to place modifiers on cards with other players able to see the modifiers throughout! While this game may sound miserable and depressing, don?t be fooled by the deceptive title!

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# Players

2 – 5 Players

Playing TIme

60 Mins

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