Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

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Interpret forensic evidence to solve a murder. Beware, the murderer may be among you!

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The streets of Hong Kong are fresh with the news of a murder, and the killer runs wild.

You are part of a speciality team of investigators tasked with solving this crime. However, there?s a twist? The killer is among you!

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a devilish party game of deduction and deception for 4-12 players. Games are tense, fast paced and last around 20-30 minutes.


Forensic Scientist x1
As the game master, the Forensic Scientist holds the solution to the crime. They are responsible for assisting the Investigators in identifying the ?Key Evidence? and ?Means of Murder.? When an Investigator does that successfully, the crime is solved and the Forensic Scientist and the Investigators win the game.

During the game, the Forensic Scientist is NOT allowed to hint to the solution with words, gestures, or eyes.

Murderer x1
When the crime takes place, the Murderer chooses 1 Clue card and 1 Means card as the solution to the crime. These will be the ?Key Evidence? and ?Means of Murder? respectively.

The Murderer tries to hide their role and look for a scapegoat. Even if they are identified, the Murderer still wins the game if no one correctly identifies both the ?Key Evidence? and the ?Means of Murder?.

Investigators x8
To solve the crime, the Investigators must analyze the hints given by the Forensic Scientist. As long as one of the Investigators correctly identifies both the ?Key Evidence? and ?Means of Murder,? the Murderer is arrested and the Investigators win the game (as does the Forensic Scientist).

Bear in mind that the Murderer (and sometimes Accomplice) is among the Investigators! The innocent Investigators must make a vigorous effort to defend themselves from false accusation.

Accomplice x1
The Accomplice is an optional role for games with six or more players. The Accomplice knows who the Murderer is, as well as the solution to the crime. The Accomplice and Murderer both win if the Murderer gets away with his crime.

Witness x1
The Witness is an optional role when playing with six or more players.* The Witness is an Investigator who has witnessed the culprits leaving the crime scene. They have no way of knowing which is the Murderer and which is the Accomplice and they do not know how the crime was committed.

If the Murderer is arrested but can identify the Witness, the Witness is considered to be killed, allowing the Murderer and the Accomplice to get away with murder and win the game.

2019 Juego del A?o Recommended
2017 Lys Grand Public Finalist

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# Players

4 – 12 Players

Playing TIme

20 – 30 Mins

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