Merry Christmas! Hope you like juicy-updates…


Hello lovely followers and Merry Christmas! ???? Here’s our obligatory Christmas post (with a few juicy updates…)

We’ve been busy little beavers behind the scenes, mainly sorting out a lease. We’re very hopeful that in the first weeks of January we’ll have an address, yay!

I’ve been fiddling with our kitchen equipment and we’ve designed a ‘working draft’ veggie menu that we hope you’ll like the look of! ????

In case you didn’t already know… we’re a veggie board games café, but everything on offer will have a vegan counterpart for our animal-loving friends.

There’ll be a good few tweaks and ye ol’ switcheroos before we open; but we think we’ve got the general look and feel down.

See you on the other side of 2020 when we’re all a few pounds fatter!

– Tom

Draft Menu
Draft Menu
Shopping Basket