At long last, we’ve put together a one-shot (single-session) Dungeons & Dragons role-playing experience for new players wanting to try out D&D! You can sign up solo and join another group, or come along as a group of friends. (We’ll try and balance groups as best as we can in this regard!)

Ours is a four-hour session that includes a couple of icebreaker games, character creation and a several hours of role-playing fun! There will be a short break in the middle for a few minutes to grab a snack and process all of the drama! To lubricate the role-playing as far as possible, BYOB is permitted and included in the price.

What you’ll get:
– Access to an experienced Dungeon Master
– A private room for the session we’ve prepared
– An exciting non-linear adventure to explore!
– Drinks / BYOB included in the price

The first available dates are for Monday the 31st of January and for Sunday the 6th of February. See our events page for tickets and more information.

Our sessions are designed for groups of between four and six players, so that everyone gets plenty of time to do fun stuff! With an experienced dungeon master at the helm, you’ll have plenty of guidance, cheat sheets and all the help needed to ensure that your first D&D experience is as good as it can be.

Tickets are £30 per person which includes a drink of your choice (and BYOB).
If players are required to isolate or are unable to attend for health reasons, other dates will be made available.

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