The “Real Living Wage” Update

As pledged in our Kickstarter, we’re now an accredited “real living wage” employer! Board games are always great fun- but so many of our guests positive experiences are carefully-curated by our wonderful staff. Their tireless enthusiasm and hard-work has helped establish us as an awesome place to visit, despite us still being in our infancy! […]

We (were) Hiring!

Now that we’re approaching 90% on our Kickstarter (8 days to go!) We’re starting our hiring process. Applications will close on the 5th July, so please try and get yours in on time to make sure you’re considered. We want to hear from friendly and reliable folks who are keen to be part of something […]

WTF is… a board game cafe?

We love board game cafés, we think they’re awesome. They’re perfect for an evening’s entertainment with friends, colleagues or complete strangers. Right now, Manchester doesn’t really have a dedicated board games café/bar- and we’re on a mission to cha…

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