So what’s new? Quite a bit!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Huge thanks to everyone who supported us over Christmas by coming out and buying board games from our store! We’ve all been enjoying a well-earned break between Christmas and New Years (sorry if you wanted to visit!!)

Though we’ve been busy little elves in that period, and have been working on a number of different ideas to make the café run smoothly and to make it the best it can be!

open on mondays & new hours

We’re going to be open Monday – Thursday from 8am – 1:30pm. In the evenings on those days, we’ll be open from 5pm to 10pm. We’re still going to have the same weekend hours and we’ll be open all day on Friday as well. Why? Well we’re putting together some tasty brunch options (see below!) and also we figured that outside of half-term and summer we’re pretty quiet during those hours!

new Menu!

With our beautiful new kitchen in-place and mostly finished, we’re shaking things up and will be experimenting with lots of new items on our menu this year! So if you pop in and enjoy something new- do be sure to let us know so it stays! To begin with, we’ve added a whole host of vegan and gluten-free bagels to our new breakfast menu. These will be pre-prepared and available for speedy service!

new, faster website

Our old website was getting a bit bloated and slow, so we’ve re-designed it for a snappier, more responsive experience. (It should make life a little easier for our hard-working team as well!)

New events calendar

We’ve got a brand new events calendar so you can book your slots to our regular and special events with peace of mind that it’s going ahead as planned, you’ll also receive notifications if an event is cancelled or changed!

Shiny new tables!

We’ve (mostly) re-finished our tables so they’re harder-wearing and so that cards won’t get stuck to them!

venue hire options

We’ve had larger groups in the café before, but to make the process easier for everyone, we’ve created a form that can be found here. If you’d like a quote, simply fill that in and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

D&D Events

D&D is returning! We’ve been working flat-out on quite a few different projects but rest easy, we’ll have some sort of D&D offering set up and ready to go soon™, stay tuned by following us on Facebook or Instagram!

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