Proper Update Amidst “The Bad Times”

Hey everyone! It's about time we gave you a proper update on the café. First of all we'd like to put out a huge thank you to all friends/family that have helped with the renovation before we all went into lockdown! And of course, thanks to all our lovely well-wishers and supporters on here and other platforms.

Because of the pandemic (and general uncertainty) we've made the decision to hold off on the Kickstarter until it's clear that things are returning to normal.

This is because we want to deliver on our promises right after the fundraising campaign ends. It wouldn't feel right to not be able to reward people for backing us straight away.

Renovations are coming along nicely. We've prepared this little video to show off our progress so far.  

We hope you like it!  

- Tom & Melissa

We're open!! Book your visit now ! :-)