Mindful Mondays

  • 29-04-2024 - 29-04-2024

Mindful Mondays

Who doesn’t love getting their teeth into a “big-box” board game? Lose yourself in a sprawling world of conquest, or develop a highly efficient “engine” that will outperform all others!

Our Weekly Mindful Mondays events are about getting a group of strangers together to learn a more complicated, long-winded board game to try out! We’ll set up the game, teach it to everyone and join the group (if there’s a free spot at the table!)

Enjoy some zen strategy fun on a Monday night for a chilled-out evening of slow-paced gameplay and casual chit-chat with strangers in the lovely surroundings of our cosy little café!

This event is priced at our usual rates of £3/per hour (capping at £8) members’ discounts also apply, so members can join an evening of big-box gaming for just £4.50.

Be sure to secure your ticket! This is a mixer event, so we’re providing tickets individually and in pairs.

  • Time : 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm (Europe/London)

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