Midweek Mixer

  • 24-04-2024 - 24-04-2024

Midweek Mixer

Update: Due to recent high demand, we’re upping the number of tickets for the midweek mixer to 25!

Every two Wednesdays, we’re running our Midweek Mixer!

This is a great opportunity to meet new people and hang out in our lovely little café for a few hours, and play casual games with some new friends.

The event is lead by one of our wonderful staff, who will set the group up (and sometimes join in the games too!)

The games are typically short, accessible and focused on social interaction, deduction and “light” strategy, so don’t worry if you’re not already a big board game nerd!

Dates and tickets are below. Tickets are £6.50 if you book in advance, saving you a little money and helping us organise a smoother event!

If you’re already a member, your £6.50 will include a free soft drink!

The fun and games will start at 6:30pm and will run until 10:00pm.

Please note that this is a mixer event, so we’d like those joining us to come along on their own or with one or (at most) a couple of friends!

frequently asked questions

What kind of board games do you play at the event?

It's mostly party games and games that are fairly accessible, so anyone can come along!

Can I still bring my own bottle?

We now have a fully-stocked bar and have stopped doing BYOB.

  • Time : 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm (Europe/London)

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