Charity Traitor Quiz & Raffle

  • 02-11-2023
  • Goodtime Games, 212 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2LW

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Charity Traitor Quiz & Raffle

The event

Come and join us at Goodtime Games for a fun-filled evening of social deduction, quizzing and prizes! In this devious quiz, teams will be randomly assigned. Then, right before we’re about to start quizzing, everyone is given an envelope to read. One member of your team is now a traitor, and will be secretly working for another team!


The conflict in Gaza is a long-standing and complex issue characterized by recurring bouts of violence between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip. Civilians, including women and children, are bearing the brunt of these hostilities, and are facing an escalation of what was already a very serious humanitarian crisis.

MSF, or Doctors Without Borders, is a renowned international humanitarian organization that delivers vital medical care and assistance to people in crisis situations worldwide. They provide immediate and critical healthcare support to those affected by conflicts, disasters, epidemics, and other emergencies, regardless of their background, side in a conflict, religion or other circumstances.

Armed conflict causes injury, displacement and death. Even after the guns have fallen silent, conflict continues to affect people’s health.

It devastates essential health services, disrupts medical supplies, forces medical staff to flee and leaves health systems broken, so when deadly diseases arrive they’re even harder to fight.

For people caught up in violence or its aftermath, it is more important than ever to have access to healthcare, shelter, sanitation and food.

Fundraising goals & Proceeds

We’d really love to raise £300 for MSF through this small event. We’ll let everyone who attends know exactly how much we managed to raise. We’re a small venue, with our own overheads that we will need to cover through food and drink, but 100% of proceeds from raffle tickets, quiz entries and donations will be sent directly to MSF.

TIME & Date

The quiz will start at 7:30PM on Thursday November 2nd 2023. The quiz should last less than an hour.

The final half an hour of the event, from 8:30PM to 9:00PM will be for the raffle prize draw.

the traitor quiz

In this quiz, it’s important that we allocate the teams randomly. Because we need an even number of teams competing with roughly even player counts.

After everyone is seated in their teams, we will be giving everyone a small reading task. The traitors will be given a note telling them that they are the traitor, and which team they are secretly working for.

Traitors will earn points for their (real) team for incorrect answers given by their (pretend) team. But these points are only safe so long as they stay hidden!

The quiz will proceed and be scored once at the halfway mark, and again at the end of the second half. With each scoring, teams have the opportunity to vote for who they think is the traitor. If they guess correctly at the halfway mark, the traitor is returned to their true team and half of their points are stolen by the team that found them out!

Teams will be given a second opportunity to vote for the traitor at the end of the game, and halve the total points that they have collected (but not steal any).

The winning team will all be given 3 months’ café membership (either new or an extension) and a free drink on us.


We’re always in need to more space for new and exciting board games, and there are plenty of games that need replacing with newer, better condition copies; so most raffle prizes will be board games that we’re taking off the shelves, either because they’re not getting played or because they’ve seen better days. Some games however, will be BRAND NEW shiny copies. We’re also going to ask around and see if any of our wonderful suppliers would like to contribute anything.

The raffle draw will take place at 8:30PM. The first raffle tickets drawn will get first “dibs” on the best items.

If you would like to contribute a game to our raffle draw, please email:

Venue Info

Goodtime Games, 212 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2LW

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frequently asked questions

What money is going to MSF?

All proceeds (100%) from the event (the quiz) and the raffle tickets will go to MSF. We will cover any transaction fees.

Can I just buy some raffle tickets and not attend?

Yes, however our staff will be choosing your prizes for you if you're not there in person. We'll message you if you win for you to come and collect your prizes.

Any other questions or concerns?

Please email us:

  • Time : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Europe/London)
  • Registration Deadline : 02-11-2023 6:00 PM

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