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Trouble Brewing 19/03

Trouble Brewing has a little bit of everything. Some characters passively receive information, some need to take action to learn who is who, while some simply want to bait the Demon into attacking them. Both good and evil can gain the upper hand by making well-timed sacrifices…

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Mindful Mondays

Who doesn’t love getting their teeth into a “big-box” board game? Lose yourself in a sprawling world of conquest, or develop a highly efficient “engine” that will outperform all others! Our Weekly Mindful Mondays events are about getting a group of strangers together to learn a more complicated, long-winded board game to try out! We’ll set up the game, teach it to everyone and join the group (if there’s a free spot at the table!) Enjoy some zen strategy fun on a Monday night for a chilled-out evening of slow-paced gameplay and casual chit-chat with strangers in the lovely surroundings […]

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